Middle-earth: Shadow of War App Reviews

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Loot Box for $ or Grind & Grind & Grind

The battle has started and it’s well known most mobile games are P2W. This game I do not own on PC but from watching streamers it’s very appealing with story. Mobile is grind heavy or if you decide to purchase a hefty loot box maybe you can get Aragon or play for months and still never see him.. Expecting a change soon but not likely. Level 41 and no change, just grinding and grinding with little gameplay as energy and warlord events renew so slowly.

I’m stuck

In the second stronghold I beat the first leader and it won’t let me move on, I’ve beaten the first nemesis but it won’t let me continue and it’s really pissing me off I’m thinking of deleting


Love it but wish there was more to do

Potential To Be Great

Comparable to that one Star Wars game in regards to character unlocks and upgrades. All characters are star-rated and have Rings to enhance via Inscriptions. You farm Inscriptions and Glyphs (upgrade material for star count) within the Campaign to make your characters stronger. Each character has its own set of four skills–unlocked as its Ring Level goes up–of which only one can be controlled by the player. Everything requires Mirian. And I mean everything. Be prepared to save your Mirian and plan your character upgrades ahead of time. Especially if you’re going the F2P route. One star taken away for lack of free daily bonus energy to help the F2P and low-spending VIP players. Even as a player who “subscribes” for the 30-day gemstone pass each month, $9.99 doesn’t get a whole lot. There is a huge gap between F2P and P2W players. If you don’t spend money on this game then consider yourself out of luck. Second star removed because of the amount of Mirian required to keep even one character evenly leveled....let alone four characters to keep progressing through the Campaign. The potential is there. Let’s see what the devs can achieve. ********** Suggestion: One free daily energy refresh. Set it to 12 o’clock noon based on server time. This would allow us to get our characters a little stronger every day. The whales may not notice a difference, but the F2P players will benefit.

5 stars if fellowship search function worked

It used to work before the last update, not anymore though, unfortunately

Good game, needs more player support

I’m getting hooked on the game, I am not needing to buy anything to keep progressing, it just takes patience and grinding to get what you need to keep improving, and intelligent choices on how to spend your gems. That being said I have had a hard time figuring out how the game works in terms of documentation there doesn’t seem to be much available. Game currency system , how character glyphs work and unlocking champions, ring enhancement system, I’m just now understanding how the VIP system works...Really need to improve on the information available to the player.


I have purchased the palantir many times and I even spent a fair amount of money on the new event Champion of Gacha. And to my disbelief, I was awarded the lowest amount that could be possibly given, ever single time. From an amount between 5-300, I managed to get the 5. That is statistically impossible! I personally feel cheated. I am extremely angry and I feel that you need to review this area. I have enjoyed every aspect of this game, and I am extremely hurt that I have been cheated in such a way!

Please make azorc

Azorc was an awesome character in hobbit this game has so little villians and very few interesting ones and the witch king would be a nice character he was actually in lord of the rings and one of the coolest characters

Huge potential major flaws

I love the game except for two things. 1 you never have enough energy to do the farming you need to level up characters and progress through the game. 2 I’ve contact the help/customer service email about glitches and how they keep robbing me of gems that you can receive from watching ad videos and the tech support/ customer care doesn’t respond except with one automated email. What a joke. If I can get in touch with someone from tech support ever or should they fix these really bad glitches I will raise my rating considering the game has so much potential just major lack of oversight by the creators.

Warner Bros Rock !

Best new game ever , if you love Tolkien as much as I do ? This game is the ticket. Only thing I ask of WB is that they keep adding more fellowship advantages , awesome game so far . Graphics are sick ! Keep up the good work Warner Brothers


Review History: I am an avid summon RPG player. I’ve played most if not all summon based RPG’s. Arch Age and Light Fellowship of Loux are the games I play daily and what I’ll be comparing this game to. In this game, my guild is: Halcyon Drow Player: Irjunen (I’m GM) My break down of this game and why I am keeping it: 1. Graphics: 10/10 Very smooth and realistic. 2. Guild management: 9/10 3. Social messaging in game: 9/10 This was nice to see more detail went into it. Love not being notified of everyone else’s draws or upgrades. Guild messaging is very good with request based system, not friend based. 4. Pet system: 9/10 Consider them like pet battles in WoW but Orcs. Very cool idea and it’s a small game in itself. You can collect the boss’s you defeat as pets let them battle each other, send them out for tasks, use them with heroes etc. Never seen this so polished. 5. Combat: 10/10 Strategy based and your more in control of your team. 6. Hero evolution: 8/10 No more leveling monsters as food. Chip based and evolves are split into proportions. 7. Events and event battles: 9/10 8. Balance: ?/10 I won’t know until I get further in game. Starting heroes are even being used by some long term players and evolved up to 5+ stars. That’s a good sign. 9. Hero customizing: 7/10 It’s a nice system for sure, however I’d like to be able to gear them, not just rune, EXP, and ring upgrading. 10. PVP: ?/10 Not done it enough to feel comfortable in grading. 11. Game engine: 9/10 Given the graphics, I’m surprised how fast it loads and how it manages to not drain your battery. There is more to like, however I am only hitting some of the obvious things you’ll likely want to know. Cons 1. Not required to pay but it does make progressing faster. You can compete, but you’ll have to work more than a paying gamer. 2. Game is not widescreen, this is a preference for me. 3. Heroes are not as abundant as other summon games, this will need to happen to give players more opportunities to customize their teams. This isn’t hurting the game but would make it better. 4. Hero animations are limited, no hair movement, etc. If your a player that likes female heroes and their physics, you’ll be a little disappointed. Graphics are still 10/10 though. 5. Guild member auto enroll. Started a guild and in one day had 30/30 and most being non active. Can’t kick them yet, as a tournament is active. Make sure you set minimum level to 10. Conclusion I still play my other two, but I play this one first now. This is an update to the genre and you will see improvements to typical features found in other games. This is a must try and is an evolution in summon based RPG’s. I’m really enjoying this one, hope you do as well.

Pay to play

Resources to play the game and advance your characters enough to progress through the story maps are barely given for completing tasks, requiring substantial payment to simply play the game. It would be one thing if you could still acquire characters (low rarity) without having to drop $20 for a gameplay package, but they nickel and dime you for ALL resources.

Download loop!

There's no doubt this is a great game but after the latest update, I can't play no more! The game is stuck on a download loop that won't let me play the game past loading screen! I hope there's a fix for this as my characters are being left behind now. Help me devs!

Great game with one huge flaw

I can’t listen to my own music while playing it!! I can disable the sounds and music, but if I’m listening to Spotify and I open the app, just silence. Super easy fix and super annoying that it’s not fixed already. Otherwise really enjoying the game.

Great game

I enjoy playing this game.

Balancing issues

Update: The new update has broken my game. It’s constantly having on every page. When I’m summoning heroes, deploying orcs, getting my combat results etc. I’ll quit the app and open it again. My gems have been used and my hero shards awarded etc however having to do this every single time is tedious. And ruins the game for me. I absolutely loved Shadow of Mordor and when I saw this in the App Store I was incredibly excited. The game is lovely, I love the graphics, music and battle system, which is very simple and easy to use. My only issue, like the other reviewers stated is that the reward system is lacking, and that the game ups the difficulty far too quickly. As your heroes level up they need 100 mirian to inscribe a ring fragment, but you only get about 15 mirian per battle which costs you 4+ stamina which you only have a 100 of (stamina increase as you level up so so does stamina needed to compete levels). Which doesn’t sound terrible until you realise that you have need of 7 ring fragments, so 700 mirian is needed, and grinding that same level simply isn’t rewarding because you’re only a level 10 and just started the game. Plus the issue being that you only get the fragment you need every 3rd raid or so. I have no problem with spending money in this game, however I feel that your VIP system isn’t nearly as rewarding. The rewards aren’t that great from jobs and the power level needed to up the rewards is very high (18k power when my orcs only have a combined power of 5k and they’re all at level 8 or higher). Summoning heroes has proved disappointing as well. I saved up a 3000 gems and summoned 11 heroes. Except you only get about 5x to 8x hero shards of various heroes. Which isn’t that much considering you need up to 80 or so to get a complete hero. Another thing I’ve noticed is that my far range fighters always need to be right up at the enemy to fight them. Which is bizarre because I picked them for their range. The VIP perks just enable you to recharge your energy or ability points more often. Which costs gems etc. I just feel like while I’m willing to buy a few iap I at the very least want it to be worth it. The one purchase only gives you 1k Mirian. Which is next nothing because everything else is just very expensive. I’m hopeful for this game and I can’t wait to see what improvements are coming etc.

Needs internet connection at all times.

Need to have an Internet connection at all times, which is pretty inconvenient by itself. As of right now, it won’t even run because it says it needs an update, and then forces the App Store open, but the App Store shows no update and opens back to LOTR. So, it’s in an endless loop of uselessness. Yes for the game itself, it’s so so. Same background just different combinations of monsters. It’s a little monotonous. The quest are the same way.

Great game still in early phases

This game is showing so much potential in its early phases. The game still doesn’t have everything running yet but I still like everything so far. Lots of replay value and leveling up is so easy. The fellowship option works great. Only thing I have an issue so far is that it isn’t complete yet...but that just makes me want to wait till it is available.

Exciting to disappointing....

Previous review was 5 however the update has disabled the ability to earn gems for 20 minutes a day of watching tedious and repetitive ads. You can still watch the ads but the reward no longer comes in.

Great game to start, almost impossible to win

So I started this game and everything was going along great, but then like with most phone games you get to a point where to beat the next level all of a sudden you have to level up your characters a bunch, requiring “experience tomes” and coins, level up their rank if you find the impossible glyphs , find the runes required to get stronger, and have enough coins to actually apply them, level up your skills with coins. Then if you buy the gems getting characters is almost impossible seeing as how you’ll spend $5 on enough diamonds to get 7 glyphs for a character requiring 100, with the prayers you’ll ever get glyphs for that character again. Decent game but the greed goes way too far.

Something is unreliable with affiliates

I watch all the videos to receive the free gems. But I don't receive all of them and sometimes none of them(!). Developers say they can't do anything about that. Someone here makes profit from the videos and doesn't pay (to the people who waste their time watching)

Money curve

The game is fun. Any fan of the series will appreciate the characters and progression. I have the same issue I’d seen in other reviews. It becomes much to hard much to fast and it feels like a cash grab. The grind almost starts before you get into the game and the only way to experience the content is to spend money.

Good game

Need update, or the game will die soon

Great game but i have a suggestion

I cannot successfully search for a new guild because it keeps auto refreshing. Can you add a “stop refresh” option to solve this problem? ATM I am limited to the first page of options which are beyond my current requirements. As I scroll down to view other guilds I get kicked back to the top because of the auto refresh.

Dropped to 3 stars

I dropped this game to 3 stars because they slow progression down so much that the only way to progress is to buy things with real money. Also they make it nearly impossible to get the characters you want. Fellowships are useless. There is almost nothing to do and Mirian the currency in game is not awarded enough at a time so you run out quickly and it’s very hard to get enough to upgrade your characters after that.

Fun game,but....

I love Lotr and the previous shadow of Mordor was really fun to play, but this is a different game. It has a massive pay to pay barrier blocking the player from the game. By the time you get to the third boss(witch took me two minutes) you're characters all already not strong enough to beat him. Plus many other things witch as the bad character leveling. I will play this game, but it needs lots of updates. Update Game still needs work. Once you get through the grind you eventually get to the point where you can actually earn character tokens, but you can only get two every time the event shows, witch is not often, and some characters require 80 of them. They added ways to watch videos although you would need to watch 75 minutes of ads only to have a chance at getting one shard. I did the math. Also you can do rewards, but there very distasteful and ruin the legitimacy of the game( also there probably viruses.) I still play this, but they really need to either drop the prices on palantir rewards(like card packs in galaxy of heroes for comparison) or make it easier to get gems.

Fun and addicting

Got aragon on my first try, love it

Promising but needs lots of work

Game is pretty and at first taste is great. However as you play you can see it needs work. Combat system is very unbalanced and the game can basically make classes useless. For instance, tank barely has time to taunt so the mobs will kill your assassins and support before you can even charge a taunt. A captain will just start a fight by charging and killing you back row fighters. Hard to make separate character do separate thing. Finally very unrewarding. The leveling of orc allies is very slow and the jobs give hardly any rewards for the time it takes to do them.


Fun for about a day, then becomes a repetitive slog that constantly feels like the deck is stacked against you.


I downloaded the game today and the screen keeps going black after 20 seconds of play, i have an iphone 7+ and would really like to play the game because the graphics look sick but it keeps freezing

0rc Hun73r

Very fun game and runs smooth!

Pay-to-Win but Pleasant

This is one of those “heroes” genre games where you unlock toons either through effort or cash, raise them up through grinding, and that’s essentially it. Pluses: the game is very nice to look at; it’s well written especially for a mobile game; cast is tight enough that you won’t find many garbage characters; the “action” is more immersive than some other games in the same genre; personally I really enjoy the LotR setting. Minuses: fast and hard paywall on progression; energy, currency, upgrade materials, and character shards (glyphs in this game) all come very slowly; essentially just one game mode; many regular features locked behind “VIP points” paywall. This is just a cash-grab tie-in to a much better game, and that’s fine if you like what you see. I’d come back to this while out of energy in similar, but better-balanced and more active games, but eventually I’ll just run out of patience for the crackdown on progress.

Painfully slow.

An attempt to make more $$ everything is at a snails pace from the beginning. Oh my god I can play less then 5 mins at a time. Not giving this a dime. Ohhh no support from system and god there’s glitches/issues.

Hopeful optimism

With tournament mode coming and issues fixed that concerned me directly, I am editing my previous rating to a 5 star. However, the mood is still one of hopeful optimism that the game will turn from an okay persistent rpg into a stellar experience Fans of Middle Earth will love the game. There is however a steep resource scarcity, meaning that all players but particularly F2P players will definitely have to make choices on where to put energy and resources. If one can accept that the game needs to be played for weeks and months to progress to the upper levels, than this game is for you Patience Padawan... Sorry, wrong game. Here’s one by Tolkien that doesn’t really apply either Fear both the heat and cold of your heart, and try to have patience if you can

Too hard to get VIP points

Really hard to get VIP points

Serious cash flow problem

If certain things are fixed I will change my rating. Either the amount of money you receive from missions needs to be increased or the cost of leveling, inscribing, evolving,etc needs to be reduced. I am constantly running out of money just with the 4 main characters I use. I can’t even begin to improve alternates. You get less than 25 Miriam on the earlier campaign missions. Yet it costs over 100 to inscribe runes, over 200 to evolve, around 5 per 50xp. It’s absolutely ridiculous. The second thing is the BS random rewards from the chests. The free chest gave me castimir. I then tried to use 300 gems to get Legolas. Who did I get? Castimir... Complete BS. Of course I can’t do anything with his shards because of the lack of coins. Whoever thought this system up needs to be fired. The orc duel system needs to be fixed. My level 37 orc was just killed in a duel by a level 1. The cost to revive him was over 300. I had a little over 400. Complete BS that a level 1 was able to do that. If he dies again I will be uninstalling this game. I’d give it 0 stars if I could.

Stole $10

Bought the 30 day gemstone pass and it did not give me the items I paid for. Opened up 2 tickets with no word. Do not buy from them. Lawyer has already been contacted.

Great and enjoyable

I found this game on the App Store. And I thought. Ok. This looks fun. I’ll try it. Next thing I know. 2 hours have gone by and I’m on quest 6. This is very fun and I would suggest it to anyone. Don’t get the game? Your an idiot.

Good potential

This is a great start... The game will get old fast if they don’t add some faction events / challenges. This game has a ton of potential though!

Great game!

I've always been into this series and here we are, fighting as champions of Modor on the phone

Buyer Beware. Developer will not restore Purchases for new device

This game is fun but I have no choice but to give it a poor rating at this time. There is apparently no cloud saving functionality. I purchased a pack from the in game store but all progress and purchases were lost upon upgrading to the iPhone 8. The developer has not responded to my ticket after 2 weeks. I strongly recommend not making in game purchases until they implement cloud saving through the Game Center rather than the Facebook link.

No point if you aren’t paying.

You won’t advance if you don’t pay.


So much fun and addicting! My only complaint is that it’s a little too hard to get mirian. Either make things cheaper or make it easier to collect mirian.

Eh (update)

The game is ok but like everyone else is saying balancing is a huge issue. Plus gaining the green gems is hard since we get so little at a time. Im literally stuck in the second place on the map unable to even do anything due to balancing (Update) im sorry i cant keep playing this until its fixed... this is a serious issue that you guys need to fix

Tedious and tiresome

Not fun. Once you advance a few levels, you will only be able to play for 10 minutes and then if you don’t spend real money to be able to refill your “energy” even when you have jewels to do so, you can’t play until your energy recharges over time. The “currency” used to unlock the ability to be able to purchase more refills in game without spending money requires you to spend money. Greedy and tedious, as there are too many “characters” to try to get up in levels. Spend your time doing something more fun.

Not bad

The app is average at best, it’s decent but riddled with micro-transactions.

You have to pay after your first day

The game was fun for the first day. But after that you have nothing to do. You can run the same battle 100x to level up (a few days energy) but even then you can’t actually collect the gear you need to progress your characters to make them strong enough to continue moving forward. You can’t get new characters without spending. Basically the only way to move forward at all is to spend good money for a chance of getting a small boost that will allow you to play for another day. Just be warned. The reviews are real when they are low. The high reviews of this game sound like they are playing a different game entirely. More likely paid reviews or “sponsored” reviewers. Seriously at level 9 there’s nothing I can do to advance. The devs need to learn that they have to get people addicted to a game if they want people to spend money in it.

Lost my account

So I’ve been playing this for about a good three weeks now. Do I like it? Yes. The only thing is that my face book is currently not active for personal reasons. I’m pretty disappointed about the fact that you need it to backup your data. I really think that is ridiculous IMO. All that time wasted for nothing, and not able to continue my game.


I love the console game and mobile game is awesome.

Good game

Good game

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