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Updates are terrible

Still don’t understand why so many people APPEAR to like this game. Last 3 updates, and I come back for a trial each time, have been terrible! More functions that don’t work, even more unstable connections. Arena is just a cluster f**k! Your hero’s just randomly go crazy, ignoring your commands. And 3 out of 4 losses of connection happen just as your about to win, so no credit received. Not by accident then must be intentional. And what can anyone say about the new PVP arena? Where the developers dropped on their heads when they were babies?!? Couldn’t have screwed up worse if they’d tried! Almost impossible to win even one round and the rewards are as lame as they can be! Play another game, any...other...game, this one IS hopeless.


I love this game but please be warned to truly enjoy it in full, you will have to spend a few dollars. 81/2 out of 10. Have Fun

WB Requires FCC and Gaming Commission Oversight

Zero stars. This “game” is no more than a gambling app wrapped in a pay-to-play package. WB should be ashamed of themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Martin Shkreli was just elected to their board of directors. What a sorry group of dirtbags.

Pay attention.

Pay attention to your servers and forums. The chat spam is getting out of control.

Work To Be Done

While I enjoy the game purely as an escape from reality, there is a gross amount of tweaking that is required before I spend anymore money. Increase drop rates for desirable characters. Fix the public match making system for Arena - right now it is hilariously horrific (getting stuck with abysmal players). Increase regeneration rate for Arena energy - horrible to wait 24 hours only to be stuck with players who can’t play and then you lose out. The Orc updates are enjoyable, however. With that being said, good luck on generating revenue with what you’ve got thus far.

Whats up with update

This last update is frustrating with game. Not being able to get power up in arena battles has cost me gems and energy. It takes to long to save energy so its aggravating when banking on healing and other power ups to win match . Other than that this game usually is issue free. Just upsetting losing gems

Palantiris; To the developers; please respond.

So annoying. The palantiris are so unfair and it's always just a waste of gems to play them. I feel the palantiris should have more characters and character glyphs, that way you have a better chance of getting what you want. They say "the early bird gets the worm," but I'm not the worm, because I accidentally trapped myself in a realm that doesn't speak English. I can't get out because I don't have enough gems to free myself, probably because I spent them all on Palantiris that don't have any of the things I need or want. I don't mean to sound like an unthankful jerk but it's just that I'm in a bad mood and had to write a review. I'm just really upset and really wish there would be a change. My goal is to try to get a legendary character, but no, I have too much bad luck to get what I need. Ever since I first saw Zog the Eternal, I have been after him and other characters since. You don't understand how hard it is to have to deal with the bad luck that I have. I don't mean to be too emotional, it's just that I'm in a VERY bad mood and really wish this could be heard. I really want to prove myself wrong about me having the worst luck ever, it's just hard. Sorry it's just hard. I am like, on the verge of punching myself. Again. No I'm not six or two, I'm just very angry and annoyed. It just hurts, okay? It just hurts, knowing that no matter how hard you try, you always have to fail. I'm trying my best to get a legendary, especially like Zog, and other legendary Dark characters. It's just hard and I wish it would change!!! 😡👿🤧😨😰😢😥😭

Good Game but...

Sometimes they release updates at the worst times. For instance, an event starts and that requires and update and then they release an update without a splash screen telling you there is an update or forcing you to be on the current version of the game and then it causes confusion and makes the event harder. Other than that the game is evolving and sometimes the developers listen to the fan base. When they do it makes it worth it.

Game bugs made me lose over 100$

The server issues and bugs made me lose iap worth 100$ or more but the devs are greedy as **** they won’t add back the lost purchases and nor will refund anything. This game is as good as an scam! I have written a dozen emails but each reply is “Ticket closed”.

Still waiting for certain champs to be viable

Still getting stuck in arena public with npcs that grab the power ups at the worst time can you make them avoid it completely. I’ll give a better detailed response after trying update 1.8

Great game

It is a great game, but if you have no t read all the books I would not recommend it because it has spoilers.


My last review was a one star due to the lack of high end character gathering/rewarding the players. Well the developers have redeemed them selves by allowing black gems to be earned from events and allowing them to remain permanently. This is the best thing you could have done. The fact I got glyphs from 11 openings and didn’t receive a single base character glyph made me happy. They are still a challenge to grind for but is worth the grind and difficulty to obtain. Thank you developers for listening to your players.

These packages are just dumb

You’re wanting to charge 100$ for not even a champion. You need to seriously reevaluate your purchase system. I would gladly plop out ten bucks for a champ and no ith or extra vip. The way you have it no real chance to buy in for a fringe player. You want to entice people to pay in to this game actually make what they’re buying worth it.

Fun game but can’t switch between iPad and iPhone?

I started on the iPhone and am enjoying the game and graphics. I also installed it on my iPad and it wants to start me at the beginning?

Review from a totally F2P player

So I’ve been playing this since launch, I’m still a VIP1...I could be a VIP3 due to free VIP points I’ve earned but I don’t buy gems so I’ve no need of extra power ups and such. It’s now April 2nd 2018 so I’ve been playing awhile. The game, much like any mobile game wants you to spend money. I’ve not spent a dime and on my original server I was ranked 93rd and on the one I just transferred to a month ago I’m 127th...out of thousands. In fellowship events I keep up with other paid players just fine, you just need to ensure you’re farming glyphs and scrolls and saving them for events to help contribute. The game is fun, there’s usually something to do and I’m proof you don’t need to spend money. I was 3rd in my alliance in the last fellowship event and we placed third overall so I’m in a highly competitive group of people and still do just fine. The game is fun, find a good, social fellowship and you will be just fine if you choose to not spend money.

Horrible customer service and very greedy game

One of my fellowship friends has a problem logging in with his account. He reached out to customer service many times and they still didn't get back to him with an answer after 2 WEEKS !!! he payed hundreds of $ on this game BTW. They just don’t care. This is a grinding game that takes at least 4-5 months of playing before you can complete with players on you server probably longer. You have very limited energy to play with everyday. The game is very greedy. It’s next to impossible to play and enjoy this game without paying a lot !! And once you have invested in this game it would be harder for you to leave. Thats why I don’t recommend starting it. They keep making changes to get more money in every possible way. There are many game currencies to buy in their store. More come up everyday. Each represents something you will be deficient with at some point ( mirians, gems, orc xp, heroes xp, broken eggs, ithildin, heroes runes bundles, energy, orc dominance, vip points, .....). I’m rating this game with one star cause I can’t rate it 0. Thanks

This game is a lot of fun.

You may be wondering why I gave it one star... loot boxes, loot boxes, loot boxes. I would HIGHLY advise never spending money on this game. The top players spend at least $1,000 dollars each and can't even get most of the unlocks. This game is so focused on loot boxes that it is pointless to try for anything. That part of it aside, this game is amazing. They have a lot of opportunities for free gems. You can use them for buying cash to level up your guys or extra energy to play longer. Don't waste the free gems on the loot boxes. I got lucky once getting Gandalf, but that was it. I will continue playing this game because of how enjoyable it is. If they toned down the loot box mechanics some, I would absolutely spend real money on it.

I really wanted to like this game, but..

This game introduces a new concept into the gaming world; the MACRO-transaction. You’ve heard of the micro transaction in games where you can spend a few dollars to buy in game items to give you an advantage? Well in this game they introduce a new character every weekend that you cannot do special weekend events without, and they average $200-300 US each! Worse still, these characters are not guaranteed, you pay real world money to roll an RNG for A CHANCE at the character, and then spend $150 more to power it up to be relevant in the weekend event. After the weekend is over, the character is essentially worthless. Seriously, don’t play a game that costs $1,000 a month to be competitive in! I say this for your own good; that’s almost a mortgage payment! You can buy all the brand new, full version games at $60US you could ever play in a month for less than that, why would you waste so much on a single mobile game? Having said that, I will give some specific feedback for those who have not moved on to another game by the time they made it this far into the review. Pros: -good graphics -large set of playable characters -fun for a while Cons -very repetitive -insanely expensive! Didn’t you read what I put above? -expensive characters are regularly nerfed to be worthless, tying to force you to buy the new one every week. Would you pay $300 for a toy you could only play with for 3-4 days? -takes months to grind a worthwhile set of characters -game is reworked on a periodicity equal to the time it takes to make a good set in ways that make the character set you worked on for months useless Ultimately, the game is fun for a little while, but the greed of the marketing behind the game is such a turn off that the fun is quickly replaced by irritation at the fact that you cannot do anything useful without spending more than a person should EVER spend on any game. Seriously, save your money, spend it on your family or girlfriend or use it to go on dates and get a girlfriend or something. Take a nice vacation every month with all that $$. Start a retirement account so you can retire early. Shoot, you could develop a substance abuse addiction (but please follow your local laws) for what this game wants you to spend, even that would be more fun. But please, don’t spend this kind of money on a game. For yourself, for your future, and so game development people will stop the wanton greed they think they can get away with here. Do the smart thing, pick a different game! Trust me- I’m a PhD scientist/engineer and I refuse to afford this game- people pay me good money for my opinions, and you just got one for free. I hope you will use it wisely. Have a great day!

It was once a great game

The game has progressively become an obvious money grab. The rewards have become less and less as time has progressed. Being able to move forward in the game and earn rewards has largely become only possible by using in-game purchases. The costs of playing have become exorbitant. Time to move on. If only the Tolkien estate could revoke the license.

Shadow of war

This game is freaking amazing in my opinion you really need to try it

Love it

A great addition to the collection. Thanks.

P2P and P2W 1.7 update

They killed the orc jobs and nerfed the rewards and made it hard to farm fame , also made it more easy to get inscriptions by paying for it , it’s impossible to play as a F2P guy anymore , thank you for killing this beautiful game with your greed . And I’m not paying for it anymore

it’s a good game no doubt

it does have some issues though i don’t personally like the restrictions that are on characters for warlord battle and now are on orc jobs i personally don’t like how you can’t use your entire roster to complete a warlord battle keep the debuff or even increase it or add more but it limits progress and now you can’t even use half your roster on orc jobs before there was nothing wrong with orc jobs now there are restrictions and to be honest it’s disappointing

Updates are Clunky

Content of the game is amazing. However, response time to in-game issues can take days (if not upwards to a week). There is no compensation for errors or glitches in the game that cause financial losses on behalf of the game player for in-game spend (real $$$). Otherwise, this is a fun time!

Used to be great

Was fun but the last update kind of killed it for me. Everything became far more expensive in in-game currencies meaning you have to pay real money to make any meaningful progress. Undo the last update and I’d be okay with the game again and might give it 3-4 stars.

Review of 1.7

If you are new to the game despite the bugs that keep repeating over and over For those that are old to the game, they will understand my 1 star rating and my reasoning below. Of course, I haven’t seen the whole plan from devs. Perhaps something bright and good is coming. However, 1.7 invalidated a great deal of the work every player put into the game into orcs from before the update. I had already upgraded one 7 star level 80 orc, three 6 star level 80 orcs, one 5 star level 80 orc, one 3 star level 80 orc. And another 6 orcs from level 40 to level level 73 ring 3-5. Callous behavior by the devs to invalidate the work that went in due to the fact that 1. Newer orcs will be stronger. All these previous ones will never be as good for combat since these will have rank 1 skills 2. Most of these orcs are specialized to take down an orc job based on bonus traits. Now many of them are useless for orc jobs as they will not match any of the requirements 3. Questionable rewards of glory and orc job rewards. I’m going to put energy to get that much grog and glory in just to get very little rewards which I could have gotten in the first place with that energy used to get the grog and glory? You invalidate the work I put in, I invalidate your update. I will give the update a 1 star in the app store and I am not making anymore in app purchases Each lvl 80 orc took around 350k grog. 7 star evolve takes around 41k glory. Each 6 star takes 20k glory. Each 5 star 10k glory. You invalidate that, I invalidate your update If any of you others also felt that they disregarded your efforts, I would suggest you join the boycott of Shadow War movement. And I would suggest you give the game a low score on play or app store

Find somewhere else to spend money!

This game is only alive still because it is LOTR themed. The pay to play atmosphere is outrageous and far worse than any other game I have played. $100 will get you absolutely nowhere in this game. Don’t take my word for it, download it and see for yourself. Events are cranked out one on top of another and the prizes are getting worse. Report bugs- goes nowhere... new update has DESTROYED the game! ✌🏼

Forced Update

I have been reading lots of comments with regards to the new update. Because of these comments I am reluctant to update, but now I am being forced to update and have no access to the game. Does Apple allow developers to force updates?

Thank you for playing Shadow of War!

Players are boycotting the new update. Thank you for playing Shadow of War! We appreciate the feedback and are always working to improve the game. What do the generic replies tell you about customer services.

Pure Greed

Every update this game introduces reduces the effectiveness of everything that can be done without paying money, and makes everything accomplishable by paying money. The amount of money demanded isn’t a small amount it’s in excess of $100 / week.

Bring your credit card

Being a LOTR fan, I really do like playing the game. A LOT. But there has always been an undercurrent of pay-to-win. The high score people spend hundreds (or more!) to get there. If you can’t afford it, or if you don’t like it on principle, be prepared to be mediocre for the duration of the game. When you join up, the advancements are great - until you reach a certain point. Then advancement is slow (to the point of non-existent) unless you spend money. The latest update brings in aspects where this has become blatant. There are many current players who are particularly upset with this development. I’m torn because it really is a fun game. Graphics are good, it vaguely resembles Shadow of Mordor, and I enjoy playing. But when I’m prevented from playing unless I spend money, then the game becomes frustrating- and frustration should guide me to be a better player, not a better payer.

Thanks for ruining a great game .

I’ve played since October of 17 and this was a great game until the most recent update. This is now nothing more than another tedious pay to play scam where the richest wallets rule. Customer service is horrible and only responds to overall gaming issues instead of individual concerns ie: lost gems, lost rewards etc etc. I’ve spent real cash on this game and expect much better from Warner Brothers, but not surprised at all. Too many other cool apps out there that don’t put a strain on the billfold .

Update 1.7

The newest update has probably just killed the game for me. They have absolutely ruined orc jobs and made it virtually useless to send orcs on missions. The glory reward is absolutely horrendous. My lvl 52 5 star orc used to get around 200 glory for the disrupt zog mission and now he only gets 10 glory. They also added class and clan restrictions to the orc jobs which means I can’t even send my best orcs out to get me tokens to revive dead orcs. They are steady throwing out arena and power events every weekend and even before a previous event ends virtually exhausting the player base. The game is on a downhill slide now and is no longer fun to play.

Don't get this game until update is removed.

The game was pretty much perfect before this current update. Some new material would have been cool, but not like this. In the current version any orc missions you do don't give orc exp. you only get 1-8 exp based off your orc. Previously you could get 100+ exp based on orc level. To upgrade an orc star level or captain level it costs thousands of exp points... it will now take you literal months of extreme hard hard grinding or years even just to upgrade 1 star level. 1 level!!! Insane! Not even worth using orcs anymore. 2. You also cannot send whatever orc you want on missions. In fact I'm only able to send 1 or 2 orcs on a mission out of the 20 I have, because all my other orcs are locked. meaning that you can no longer obtain any rewards higher than the first tier... so missions have become absolutely pointless and not worth doing. 3. Any orcs you had before update have become useless. None of their skills get bonuses like the new orcs do. And the new orcs rarely get skills that are useful to their class. 4. Positive note: they added Saruman, shelob and azlaar shards to normal missions. Downside: they removed half of the other character shards they had to make room for these new ones. Currently as the game stands, it's not worth your time and certainly not worth your money to play. If they would fix this god awful orc update, then I'd give it 5 stars and say definitely get it. But as it is now, don't bother. As a player who spends money here, I can tell you I will no longer be doing that to support this game unless it's fixed. Changes are good, but not when the changes are so soooo bad like these ones. Plus there's a bunch of glitches constantly in the arena events that the devs refuse to fix or compensate players for. To not even compensate us or at the very least apologize after we've submitted tickets and complained, just shows the lack of respect the devs have for their players and the lack of care they have for the way the game plays. It's all about profit for these guys. If you're reading this devs, please fix this terrible update you've given us. Before all your big spenders put the game away and go elsewhere. Whoever came up with it should be fired, or at the very least never be allowed to implement a change again, cause it was a terrible execution for an update.

Used to be great, update ruined game

This game used to be my favorite mobile game. I play it every day and am in a top fellowship and am a top player. But this most recent update totally ruined the game. They took everything f2p away pretty much and made it p2p to even be able to compete. And I already pay about $30 a month anyway and even that isn’t enough anymore. Took away all top rewards and orc glory and make you pay for it all now. Devs need to put a stop to this and go back to the way it was pre update

New update is complete junk

Very disappointed in the new update and changes to the game no more of my money will go to this game

I have this game on my Xbox

This game is really fun and even better on Xbox but think you for having it on our phone it’s really easy and u don’t even have to have experience to play it I can just jump in and have a great time and you can also play online.

New update - simply a money grab

Changed all the upgrade dynamics to make the game impossible to level any characters without spending real money. Uninstalled.


The most recent update killed the orcs level up system by cutting orc jobs to 10% of the previous honor rate or less, and making it impossible to use most of the orcs in the first place. The number of orcs being kept being cut by 20%... why? So we have to keep certain ones for missions, or fighting, but can’t do both? And now there is one more thing to spend cash on. Time to find a game that isn’t trying to “fix” things by changing game mechanics that were working.

Mal feito

Erros constantes de programação e pay to win leva ma vantagem absurda.

Money Hungry Devs = bgs

The new money hungry update is terrible. They devs and Warner bros are exploiting players passion for the Lord of the rings. There use to be a 5 min orc job now there is only 13 hour orc job so you cannot complete the daily rewards in in 30 mins like we originally now you have to plan for it. They added a stronghold level req when you try to upgrade your players rings which cost lots of Mirian coins which the game barely rewards as it is. So you have to pay for gems to get that easily. And so much more money hungry updates that i won’t even get to. I’ll let the other players write their reviews about it. Before this update the game was 5 stars. Now I’m giving it 1 star because I can’t go any lower. Terrible update devs.

Typical P2W Mobile Game

It’s a shame this has the LOTR license and is really the only reason the game isn’t dead yet. Every update they keep trying to siphon out more money with more expensive bundles and worse ways for f2p players to get ahead. Don’t bother with this game

Related to the Novels? A little

This game changes the story line of the Classic Tolkien novels greatly right off the bat and adds “politically correct” details that are jarring to those who love the world of Middle-Earth. I stamp the word “REJECT” across the forehead of this game!

Good but...

The game is actually pretty good. The battles are quick and fun. The only issue is the obvious wall you hit pretty early on. I don’t mind spending some money on games when it feels rewarding or if it is worth it, but this game almost requires money JUST to play. The levels don’t give you nearly enough resources to actually increase your characters levels at all. I’ve spent $10 and I still haven’t even passed the second area of the map. Also the orc jobs are basically pointless. You get almost no money or rewards when completed.


The more I play the game the worse I think it is . It’s definitely money hungry and after awhile you can’t really keep up without paying for it . The missions are terrible when my overall is 9000 and there’s is 4000 it should be obvious that I should win but no I die within four hits.

Good game

Good game just a little cheap

Much love

I love the game just make the orc battles more interesting... and actually have them just like all the other battles in the game... i love watching the autoplay... and yeah

Awesome Middle-Earth Title just wish there were no microtranactions

I love this game the graphics are awesome and gameplay is simple. My problem is, it’s really hard to progress through the game other reviewer‘s have said. I don’t like all these micro transactions, that you have to make in order to advance in the game I might as well be wasting all my money in investing in this awesome game. If these were one time transactions I might consider it but you now for a college student who doesn’t have a lot of money, I just reallyWish that you could purchase these things with like gemstones in the game or coins in the game. Like you should be able to get like a few thousand gemstones to begin with including a few thousand coins. I don’t like games that require you to make transactions, that cost real money. My feedback to the developers is you need to get rid of these micro transaction I get that’s what you used to support yourselves, but then find a way to advertise the game so that you don’t have to depend on those micro transactions.

Orc duels

Love the game but there is one major change I’d want the creators to make. Watching Orc duels is a huge pain in the butt because they are all the same... it would be more fun to have the orca actually fight against each other on a one on one. This wouldn’t take much, in the game you can already put two orc bosses against each other(with the help of champions and orc solider)... if you just removed every other character except for the two orcs fighting! That would be WAAAY more fun to watch.

Costumer support is amazingly bad.

I would advice everyone to withhold spending on this game. If anything goes wrong you will get a runaround and tech support will simply say they can’t help you. I have played many multiplayer games for os. The costumer support here is by far the worst. Refrain from spending.

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