Middle-earth: Shadow of War App Reviews

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More orcs

The variety of orcs lacks because in the game the caragor are cool and I loved the orc ms that rode on them it made them cool. I know there is a orc that rides a caragor but I don’t know how to unlock him. Add orcs that can summon things like orc soldiers, caragor. I just want too see orcs that we can brand riding caragor.

Still needs a TON of work

Okay so a while back I reviewed this game and have it 2/5 stars. I’ve increased it to 3/5 stars because I think the devs have made some progress in the right direction. However, many things still remain that keep me from giving this game a 4/5 or a 5/5. And that one of those things is that there is literally no way to unlock some of the characters I want without paying ridiculous amounts of money. Plus, even after paying there still is no guarantee to get any of the characters I want. Why are Aragorn, Éowyn, Legolas, Gandalf, and so many others only available through palantir? Please make this characters available in some campaign level. So that way I can actually unlock them and finally enjoy this game. Another thing is the progression system. Even if those characters were available to unlock one hard level missions it would still be almost impossible to unlock them. Due to how intensely difficult the progression system is. I mean good lord can y’all make it just a tad bit easier please. I mean come on it’s literally made where you’d pretty much have to pay to advance. Please fix this so free-to-play players like me can actually have a chance. The last thing is where are some of the other essential characters. Where is Frodo, Sam. Merry, Pippin, Faramir, and so many others? Please add these characters. I mean it’s not a LOTR game without hobbits. Ultimately, if these things are fixed I think we’d have a pretty amazing game and it’d certainly be a 4/5 or 5/5 star game.

Fun game ruined by no monitoring

A fun hack and slash game that has a lot of weekly events and new characters added often. The biggest problem is in the fact that there are so many bot players that you can’t participate in the weekly events without getting stuck with at least one in every match. It has fully broken the PvP events. The PvE has progressively gotten unbearable as more and more botters have started “playing.”

Very fun but VIP confusing

Having fun playing it. But cannot do any of the level 1 VIP purchases b/c the lowest “priced” option for an upgrade costs more than the game allows to accumulate. 🤷‍♀️

Used to be good..

It was a great game until everytime I do a orc duel my screen turns black and half the time I reset my game it still stays a black screen sad to say I never play it anymore.


Play it all the time


Lastima que con el buen juego que tenían lo hayan dejado morir lamentable

No update !!!

This game become so boring because no update in last 5 months,OMG Just look at Clash Royale how the developers adding new card or mods continually

Microtransactions, got it.

Played the tutorial, realized that this is nothing more than a cash grab. Isn't that the reason the Console game almost died? Then they ended up removing microtransactions. I'll just wait for them to be removed from this. Oh wait, I forgot, games are services now. Ahh well, game looked good.

Dead game

Hasn’t been updated in months. WB gave up on the game

Leveling up

Leveling up takes forever and my characters are too weak to do anything please fix this and make leveling up easier and I’ll give you three stars

Developers MIA

Game started out great. Developers received feedback and were on top of improving the game. Developers have gone dark and the game has been left wanting. Between unbalanced characters and the lack of improvements and new material; the game isn’t worth playing anymore.

Please update the black orb to include

Treebeard & Ugluk! There's been no real game update in over six months and it's getting boring. About 1/4 in my Fellowship have "retired" from the game. Please do SOMETHING to bring back the excitement. No colored gem event since the Golden egg hunt that unfairly gave some players multiple golden eggs while others who defeated 3x more nemeses got none! The game "random" chance generator seems more fckd up than fair. Been playing this game for a year now but it's starting to fade out if they don't step it up soon.

Not a good game

Developers haven’t updated in 4 months and everyone is leaving dead game now. bots are consuming the game and nothing updated for year anniversary

Crashes on X S Max

During Orc duels games crashes on iPhone X S Max.

Need New Updates

This is a fun, simple and easy game to play. It is not very time consuming and more importantly it is not a pay to win game. Any Lord of the Rings fan will certainly enjoy this game. However, we really need new content and updates. The game is beginning to lose its core steady players because it has not updated in quite some time. Thanks

Really good game

I h Love this game but I do have one idea for the game. If you decide to execute a nemesis his head should be on the banner instead of a skull

This game used to be a lot of fun.

Edit2: I am only playing because of my fellowship friends. With all of the cheating going on, this game is not fun at all. At least 50% of the players are cheating now. Why aren't the developers at least implementing +/-20% power for teams in the arena??? That would be an easy fix for the power exploit. The movement cheats could have diminishing returns for how many basic attacks a champion does in an arena match. Then the movement mods would not be as valuable. Every single pve match I have played today has had 2 or 3 people using movement hacks. It is so frustrating. Edit: The game has basically become unplayable. Anything you do is haunted by people either exploiting loopholes in the system or outright cheating with movement mods. I have reported a ton of cheaters, but I see more and more people doing it. Unless you are cheating yourself, you are doomed to fail. At least half of the players that you can find in a pickup group are cheating. You are lucky to find one player on your team who is alive. Original review: You may be wondering why I gave it one star... loot boxes, loot boxes, loot boxes. I would HIGHLY advise never spending money on this game. The top players spend at least $1,000 dollars each and can't even get most of the unlocks. This game is so focused on loot boxes that it is pointless to try for anything. That part of it aside, this game is amazing. They have a lot of opportunities for free gems. You can use them for buying cash to level up your guys or extra energy to play longer. Don't waste the free gems on the loot boxes. I got lucky once getting Gandalf, but that was it. I will continue playing this game because of how enjoyable it is. If they toned down the loot box mechanics some, I would absolutely spend real money on it.

Been playing forever

I have been playing this game since shortly after it started. I haven’t spent anything on micro transactions and am in a fellowship that ranks between 3 and 10 in most challenges. At this point the developers need to start combining servers or remove the cost for players to move between them. There has been no new content for many months and many long time players are leaving the game. The only time that we can recruit players is when enough players leave the game that a strong fellowship is no longer viable and so the other strong fellowships feast on its corpse. That said I have enjoyed my time playing SoW Mobile And hope to continue to do so in the future.



Never thought.

I never thought that I would be able to enjoy a mobile RPG as much as I am. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to Anniversary Items.

Fun and addictive

There are so many activities to do throughout the game so you can keep yourself busy nonstop. However, like many have stated, leveling up and evolving requires a lot of money since it’s only a small percentage that you may get what your paying for. That’s why I gave 4 out of 5 stars, take away one for the money needed to be competitive. There is no way to win their competitions when people are evolved and leveled up way beyond what a free player can achieve. Then again, I guess that’s life lol

Rapidly declining

I’ve been playing SoW mobile for about a year and a half. Throughout this time the game went through a lot of additions that helped improved the game experience and added a lot of content. For a long time now, there hasn’t been any changes and it feels like there’s a fixed schedule for everything and it’s being run on autopilot mode. This is a real shame because a lot of players would like to see new content. All of this though, is not why I stopped playing. The main fellowship events (PvE and PvP arenas) are poisoned by bots and auto-clickers. It became so bad that you can end up in many of the public matches with 3 people that are using these exploits. The game developers are doing nothing to fight this even though obvious who these people are. I find no reason to keep playing a game where cheating is ok.


Okay I like lord of the rings and the app and all that. But honestly ur making us pay 50 dollars and 100 dollars to not even get the whole character ???? Like seriously u should atleast be able to get the full person for 50 dollars. This is a joke of a game.

Good game but

PvP is ruined by the horribly unbalanced Saruman. Every game usually has 2-4 of 8. Money is used 10 times faster than its earned. Not really worth it in the long run. And then it matches up a 74k power team against a 48k power team. Update: removed a star. Hackers now dominate PvP. 5 instances of heroes reviving more than once. 6 PvP in a row of multiple revives and one where the guy had unlimited might. There were 6 healing circles on the ground from 1 person.

Awesome gameplay

Graphics rock

Must play

So yeah 😄 I can’t help myself with this game. My sec time back . First time playing this game didnt draw me in because I like games more Hack and slash . But my Sec time around I couldn’t help but try out being in a guild. for a loner it was not bad 🤔better then I thought . As a gamer with full time family life and welding job. It’s hard to find games that don’t need ur full attention 24/7 . Only thing I have problems with is keeping up with all of the personal and guild events. I love this game . Keep up the amazing work.

Fun game

I love the pve and pvp arena fun game if you are willing to pay to win. That it costs over $200 for a new toon is a bit ridiculous. You can grind for life and not get one for free

No hobbits

Game is awesome but there are no playable characters such as hobbits. There should also be different variation in characters like Gandalf the white as well as other characters like Faramir.

Review By just an Average Joe

The game is decent, mediocre quality at best, Intended to be a mindless Grind. It’s free so those stupid loot boxes are Ok, but let’s be honest it’s a total rip. They haven’t updated with Apple’s policy and won’t show their drop rates. Also even on event plantiers the game still has Glyphs ( being basically character shards or pieces of the characters. In other words you don’t even get the full character. The only time His is ok is when you already own a character) as a reward, fundamentally the game short changes you, or at least me every time. I’ve worked for months to get 3,000 of those green gems. You can only get 50 a day besides their apology emails, without spending real currency. This is frustrating as 3,000 gives you ten shots at the Plantier. I spend mine on the event plantain that has increased chance of a certain character. ( Celebrimbor) I didn’t get a Single character. Technically I did get one but I already owned the character so basically more character shards. Even on their Black Gem plantier, which you get gems regularly for completing events the game short changes you with Glyphs. And Again you can’t see the rates. These games bug me because I can’t just out right but what you want or earn them. Now the game has a system where you can earn character Glyphs however at low levels is niligible and does not run for the more powerful characters which guess what, are locked behind loot boxes. So honestly I’m done. I can’t get the Witch King or Helm, I tried to get Celebrimbor and the game gives me 6 Glyphs out of 75 and now I’m out of opportunities to run the boxes again. I gotta say I’m done. I’m stuck with the same characters and the game Blocks me whenever I try and get some new ones. Game Works fine some of the orcs do seem sketchy with how hard they hit sometimes. I remember a nemesis orc with a hammer a destroyer class, he pretty much would one Shot my party with his ability sticky Bomb which at level 20 for some reason did like thousands of damage, but I digress. The Mobil game like the console games Touts the Nemesis system. However it’s bs. Yeah it’s gotta be dumbed down for mobile but orcs only come back when killed in a pit fight and past that they’re generic besides their combination of abilities. None of them are unique I’ve seen 20 Uruk killers 2 moltens and I see a Poet spawn every go. I’ve played the game since it released And The only good part is the orcs, but you can only make them kill each other, assist you or go on missions you can’t even see! Seriously the results could be determined in a minute at max but it still takes like all day or 12 hours. They’ve added a few characters, but have stopped for some time now. Given only so much content had been made with the LOTR license due to the 6 movies made. When compared to Starwars and Marvel and Other shows. However the only big thing they added since it’s come out was the arena and the Balrog fight. Which hey use in advertising. The big problem here is it just isn’t impressive. It’s all about health bars in the game. While there is a way to strategize and maximize effectiveness it essentially becomes a slap fight to make your character hit harder or reduce his damage or speed. Anyway game works well, runs fine no glitches it’s just bland and doesn’t do anything inventive besides find ways to be frustrating and deny you the new characters they add to the game.

Low rating do to lack of updates :(

I am a long term player of SoW mobile. I started the day of the launch, and I'm now a level 85 VIP 9. I've clearly invested in this game like thousands of others, but with how much the dedicated players support this game, it's sad to see the developers not coming out with new content or any updates to fix bugs / provide balance changes. Here are some of my biggest concerns with the game: (1) The last "big" update (1.8) was three months ago, and it provided very little new content. (2) No new champions are being released. A while back, the developers were releasing new champs at a decent rate, but now nothing... (3) The only way to get the exclusive champs is to spend hundreds of dollars on the Palantir! There's no free-to-play way to progress in this game efficiently. (4) PVP is still extremely broken. Orc power is not taken into account, so a low level team can go in with one overpowered orc and destroy everything. (5) The campaign is entirely too difficult. Just like the console version of SoW the end game is ridiculous. The fact that I have maxed out champions and still can't get past required stages to attain certain rune fragments is just absurd. The campaign needs to be fixed. (6) What is up with the $50 and $100 upgrade for certain champions? You only get 15 or 30 glyphs for purchasing those... That's being money hungry at its finest. (7) The chat system in the Fellowship is atrocious. You can send a message longer than 5 lines in Fellowship chat or in Fellowship mail, so it makes it extremely difficult to coordinate with your team. (8) When you post Fellowship Arena matches in chat, the lobby should not be treated as a normal chat message because it can get lost in the conversation. When arena matches are being hosted in the Fellowship, the lobby should be automatically pinned to the bottom of chat. Additionally, if the members are in one lobby, they should be able to switch to Fellowship chat and see if there are other lobbies open. Currently, you cannot see other lobbies if you are already in one. (9) A lot of champions need buffs/nerfs. There are plenty of champions in the game that are very unbalanced. Examples: Celebrimbor is everyone's goto because he has high attack speed, dps, and accuracy. He's a little too powerful. Other characters like Zog and Witch King have horrible accuracy and attack way too slow. There's plenty of ideas I have for an overhaul of the entire champion system, but I'm sure your developers could come up with the necessary adjustments. (10) Inscription Fragments are extremely difficult to attain past ring 11. Some of the Fragments can only be rewarded through the high campaign stages -- which are near impossible to beat. (11) Mirian is very hard to stockpile / grind. It not only costs extreme amounts of EXP Tomes to level up champs past 80, but it also costs way too much Mirian. There are only 2 warlord events to farm Mirian, and the only orc mission that give you Mirian hardly provide any as a reward. I could continue to rant about all my qualms with the game-- but truth is--I love it no matter what. Even though you don't update your game, myself and thousands of others are dedicated fans. I think you simply owe it to us to provide new content once in awhile. I hope you take this into consideration. Thank you. - Anthony

Casual Fellowship (guild) game

You will get much farther with a guild. -energy regen to do stuff; so, for my mates and I, play 10-20 in morning to get dailies done, Discord if there’s events going on to help each other out, and repeat in evening +you are able to switch realms -spending money > grinding There are some heroes that are only available by buying, as well as, their runes/becoming more powerful +able to brand orcs to fight with your 4 man crew -you will never be able to catch up with the best... they play longer and will spend more

Deleted with 42k+ gems & 100k+ Ithildin

I’ve been playing this game on my phone since before the PS4 game came out, and while I honestly think the game is fairly well done, it got to a point where I just couldn’t overlook some of the more prominent issues in order to be able to continue with this game. I really don’t care enough to outline all of the problems since many have already been mentioned by many other reviewers, but the last straw for me was the absolutely awful balancing issues in PVP. Without writing a novel, PVP is essentially broken due to an exploit which requires a fair amount of coordination, and the top tier fellowships (clans) are the only ones that utilize this strategy consistently. Sure, you could simply just not play during the PVP events, which come about every 3 days, or spend countless hours grinding away to join one of the few top tier fellowships which actually stand a chance in 4V4, but this is what causes the game not to be fun IMO. Between this and other game events being plagued by players trolling and griefing others without any form of checks and balances by the game admins/devs, I only anticipate the worst for this game going forward. So, despite being in a top 20 fellowship, having stockpiled over 42k green gems, 30k black gems, 100k Ithildin, reached over 125k player power, and maintained Ithildin rank consistently in the fighting pits, I came to the realization this game is just not enjoyable anymore. Quite the contrary if you factor in my feedback above along with some other things other reviewers have criticized. Maybe when the developers actually fix some of the issues myself and others have mentioned and submitted countless reports for, this game may revert back to a state of enjoyment, but it’s just too late for me.

Game play

There are bugs but generally ok.have problems sometimes receiving rewards,and being compensated for lost resources because of game malfunction.but is a very fun game would still recommend it

Good but one more thing

Can you try to add a feature where you can recruit the regular orcs?

Great Game

I love this game!!!

It’s fun for a bit, but take your time and money elsewhere

It’s fun to learn and play this game for a bit, but then they started changing the game mechanics in the arenas and everything went off the rails. There’s so many issues with the arenas now that it basically isn’t worth your time or money to play much anymore. And they’re “opps sorry” rewards are lame as well. When you go to collect them they never show up in your account. Take your time and money elsewhere

Unkept promises

The game looks promising play as well. That’s where it ends. WB is terrible at communication And game maintenance. Flaws are a constant. Arena broken at time. PvE broken or terrible scaling of difficulty. No reward for broken game. I think the greed of this corporation is just to noticeable to forgive.

Bugs not addressed

In the month and a half since the last update the game has been experiencing more and more bugs which have gone unfixed. Support tickets are completely ignored. This week alone all the events have undergone a bug which has limited their playability to the point where it was worthless to continue playing. Presently the pvp arena’s scoreboard is not reflecting actual play totals. Milestone and hero rewards are not being given out even after they are reached. And the report feature has been disabled to the point that you when/if you attempt to report the bug you are ejected from the game and return to a connection failure notice. WB obviously no longer cares about this game nor the customers who continue to play and pay to do so.

Work To Be Done

While I enjoy the game purely as an escape from reality, there is a gross amount of tweaking that is required before I spend anymore money. Increase drop rates for desirable characters. Fix the public match making system for Arena - right now it is hilariously horrific (getting stuck with anal cream pie eating players). Increase regeneration rate for Arena energy - horrible to wait 24 hours only to be stuck with players who can’t play and then you lose out. The Orc updates are enjoyable, however. With that being said, good luck on generating revenue with what you’ve got thus far because you’re greedy mfers!


This game started out pretty good but keeps getting worse and worse. Rewards reduced for events. Difficulty increased while rewards stay the same on others.No help with issues. Devs don’t seem to care about bugs/ cheaters/ bots. And while I have been playing for awhile this game is now almost impossible for new players to do anything. Has good potential if problems are fixed but I doubt it’s going to happen.

It’s an ok game

Been playing it casually and it’s ok. I thought it would be a better game but it’s ok. Leveling takes awhile.

Terrible game management

The game is fun but they make changes without telling us, miscalculate difficulty of events, cancel events when the problem get out of hand. Zero respect for users, they just keep us tied to the game because we are sorry for the money invested. It feels like teenagers are in charge.

Game is going downhill fast

This is a very fun game but lately there have been some horrible decisions made by the developers. The latest is greatly increasing the difficulty of the arena for no apparent reason, other than a money grab. With the level increases the resource bottleneck continues to get worse. The cash spent for gems to buy mirian, grog, etc. is only worth a fraction of what it was due to increasing amounts needed to level champions and orcs. Worst of all, communication to the players has been non existent for weeks. No updates, fixes, or new characters have been added recently. It seems like WB has abandoned this game. It’s a shame too because they have extremely popular characters and a great base to build on. Too bad they have given up on the game and just want a few more bucks before they shut it down.

Middle Earth: WB’s Lust for Money

WB team needs to be canned. Customer support is a joke. I have played this game for 8 months or more and starting this month, WB’s greed has hurt its user base more than they can possibly imagine. They constantly nerf your characters, the updates to the game hurt more than they help. There is no real control over bots/emulators. In their most recent stunt, they’ve increased the difficulty of an already difficult game element, trying to seduce players into spending more. Hypocrisy that a VIP 15 would tell you to not spend money? Save your time and money or buy some lube and get bent over by these clowns. Despite multiple tickets, I’ve learned one thing: WB, does not care about you or issues in the game. Prior to June I would rate this game a 4/5(there is massive room for improvement). The most recent (behind the scenes) changes are obscene and not what I’ve paid for. Devs, I hope Sauron finds you before the players do. He will be kinder.


It’s a promising premise. Great for community battles. Character development if not always fair and even is still interesting. Of course you can speed up things by doing micro transactions but yes there are alternatives. Watching ads to get some free in game currency. But recently the devs stopped caring about little players by simply upping the ante so that you can only survive by buying and going top tier. No matter how many support tickets have been issued in days there hasn’t been any feedback or support at all. Nothing has changed. This game will die because it decided to kill its players rather than keeping it an entertaining piece of art. A real pity. That’s why the downvote. I would love to pay 5 dollars and get rid of those disgusting micro transactions. So for now one star. I would even give it minus one if I could. Very bad decisions devs.

Lone Wolf

Good game but player vs player needs serious work. People get really ticked off when they blow 300 energy and lose three matches in a row with zero to show for it. Why don’t you guys do something like call of duty does and award half the experience points for the losing team and the winner gets full ? I’ve talked to several people and PvP is hated for this very reason. Also it’s very unbalanced on the power scale. Make it fair like PUBG and you will see a lot more interest. People are spending money on this game and don’t like to see zero return for their hard earned cash . No response from you guys and your PvP is still broken ! Do you really think players are going to spend cash on 4x4 player vs player energy recharges for a horribly constructed event? In addition it’s glitchy, unresponsive, and quite boring to be honest !


This game used to have potential but, with updates, they have turned into complete rubbish. It’s monotonous in every aspect, impossible to succeed without spending copious amounts of money, and even if you do, they move the bar or add a completely new bar to try and force you into needing to pay more with any hope of advancing. The “pvp” system is about the worst I’ve ever played, and the customer service, especially in terms of listening or responding to players, is nonexistent. Literally the only redeeming quality is the link to Lord of the Rings and the champion pool is maybe only 50% real characters. Leave this game, and never come back.


It’s a cool game wish people was more active in guilds though but that can’t be helped

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